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The most reliable way to predict the future is to create one

Welcome! Let me tell you a little more about myself. 


For the past 28 years I have worked counseling others. 

I love people, love connecting with others and helping them move forward. I have extensive experience with children and families. And from that experience, an exrta big soft spot for adolescents and teens. 


My approach is strength-based. I love when the POSITIVES are recognized. I feel everyone more often needs to hear what they are doing right.  

It's common in our society to "correct" people or maybe not say anything when things are good.

We all need to know what we are doing right as well as wrong. I am also very up front and honest and will call you out if needed!!


I love coming up with unique, individualized ways to help others discover more about themselves. I think outside the box and I can be very resourceful and very creative! 

My education includes a BA in Studio Art, an MA in Rehabilitation Counseling and an MA in Special Education.


When I'm not saving the world, I am a MOM to two amazing boys. One is a soldier and one is a rock star. They constantly amaze me and I couldn't be prouder.

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