Confidence Coaching for Teens and Parents

Individual and group services for shy, introverted and socially uncomfortable Teens and Parents.

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"Don't be afraid of being different,

be afraid of being the same as everyone else."

Confidence Coaching

Michelle Varvaro

Strength Based, Creative and Individualized Approach

Confidence Coaching is my heart.

My own creation of outside the box, individualized and forward focused guidance for my favorite people ever, teens!

Why am I so fond of these teens?

Because they are more connected to their feelings than adults. They can sense when someone is comfortable with them or trying too hard.

And they are still so open! They may be guarded but they are open to the beliefs that they can do more, be more and have more.

They just don't know how.

What's more frustrating is that they are also open to negative messages from peers, the media and authority figures. 

Confidence Coaching can help them learn to stick with their true feelings, their inner voice, their gut or whatever you choose to call it.

Through individual sessions and peer group activities, teens can come to recognize their strengths and get motivated.

Who is appropriate?

Anyone with a desire to grow. 

Teens, parents or families that would like more support. 

Please contact Michelle for more information and to be alerted of upcoming teen and parent groups.

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Outside the Box

Social Groups

The social groups are gatherings or

outings where all activities will

promote interaction. Skills are best

learned by practice! 

These social groups provide a safe

setting for teens to feel comfortable

and create friendships as well as confidence. 

1-on-1 Sessions

An individual session is purposeful for

teens who could benefit from

guidance in the community.

For example, a job search or

practicing assertiveness.

Sometimes teens or parents

may just want to talk. 

Individual settings can be in home,

meeting for coffee or in my office. 

Parent Groups & Workshops

Parent groups are a place where

parents get to talk, learn about new

resources and just relax. 

(I bring wine and cheese!)

Workshops are available.

Please sign up to get email

announcements of upcoming events.

Contact Michelle to provide a

workshop for your group. 

Pictures of children will never be used on my site.


What People Say

Confidence Coaching is my favorite resource. Families that I've referred always seem a little happier after attending Michelle's groups.


Michelle has been my reality check! 

I love attending the parent groups. 


Michelle taught me that I could do more than I thought I could. She helped me see where I was holding myself back.


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